Lihong Liang

Associate Professor of Accounting

(315) 443-3598
Room: 642

PhD, Pennsylvania State University

PhD, Pennsylvania State University

Research Topics

  • Corporate governance
  • Financial analysts forecasts
  • Market anomolies

Professor Liang's areas of expertise include financial accounting, analyst forecasts, corporate governance, and market anomalies. Her work has been published in the Review of Accounting Studies, and other leading industry journals. She is a member of the American Accounting Association. Professor Liang previously taught at George Washington University.

Selected Publications:
“The Determinants of Analyst-Firm Pairings," (2008), Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, 27, 277-294, with Riedl, E., and Venkataraman, R.

“Post-Earnings Announcement Drift and Market Participants’ Information Processing Biases," (2003), Review of Accounting Studies, 8, p.321-345.

Selected Publications