Denis Gregoire

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

(315) 443-8317
Room: 511

Ph.D. (Bus. Admin.) U. of Colorado - Boulder
M.Sc. (Man.) HEC Montréal
B.Sc. (Arch) McGill University

My research centers on the cognitive processes supporting entrepreneurship and strategy.  In practice, I articulate this interest along three main areas of study:

1) The identification of entrepreneurial, strategic and international opportunities;
2) The evaluation of new venture funding presentations by bankers, angels and venture capitalists; and
3) Entrepreneurs’ decisions to expand their firm’s activities in foreign markets (international entrepreneurship).

In doing this research, I have developed an interest for using a broad variety of qualitative and quantitative methods.  Along the way, I have developed some expertise in construct validation, research designs and analytical techniques that I leverage across all three areas of investigation, in my coaching of doctoral students, and in my services as a journal reviewer / editorial board member.

Research Topics

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Cognition
  • Opportunity identification
  • New venture presentations
  • Early internationalization

Fall 2013: MBC 610 Opportunity Identification and Ideation

Spring 2014: MBC 647 Global Entrepreneurial Management

Selected Publications

  • "Measuring entrepreneurial passion: Conceptual foundations and scale validation.", Journal of Business Venturing, 28 (3): 373–396, 2013, (Cardon, M.S, Grégoire, D.A., Stevens, C. & Patel, P. )
  • "Technology-market combinations and the identification of entrepreneurial opportunities: An investigation of the opportunity-individual nexus", Academy of Management Journal, 55(4): 753-785, 2012, (Grégoire, D.A. & Shepherd, D.A.)
  • "The cognitive perspective in entrepreneurship: An agenda for future research", Journal of Management Studies, 48(6): 1443-1477, 2011, (Grégoire, D.A., Corbett, A.C. & McMullen, J.S.)
  • "Cognitive processes of opportunity recognition: The role of structural alignment", Organization Science, 21(2): 413-431, 2010, (Grégoire, D.A., Barr P.S. & Shepherd, D.A.)
  • "Measuring opportunity-recognition beliefs: Illustrating and validating an experimental approach", Organizational Research Methods, 13(1): 114-145, 2010, (Grégoire, D.A., Shepherd, D.A. & Lambert L.S.)
  • "Is there conceptual convergence in entrepreneurship research? A co-citation analysis of FER 1981-2004", Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 30(3): 333-373, 2006, (Grégoire, D.A., Noël, M.X., Déry, R. & Béchard, J.-P.)
  • "Entrepreneurship education research revisited: the case of higher education", Academy of Management Learning and Education, 4(1): 22-43, 2005, (Béchard, J.-P. & Grégoire, D.)


  • 2011 IDEA Thought Leader - Academy of Management's Entrepreneurship Division. Recognizes one of the three best published entrepreneurship studies for 2010
  • 2006 Heizer Award - Academy of Management's Entrepreneurship Division. Recognizes Best Dissertation in New Enterprise Development