Ravi Dharwadkar

Professor of Management

(315) 443-3386
Room: 520

PhD (Management), University of Cincinnati

PhD (Management), University of Cincinnati

Research Topics

  • Executive compensation
  • Corporate governance
  • CEOs
  • Boards
  • Mergers
  • International business

Professor Dharwadkar teaches the core undergraduate course in international business and PhD seminars in organization theory as well as research methods. He was awarded the Teaching Recognition Award of the Meredith Professorship, 2003, by Syracuse University.  He is the current recipient of the Whitman Teaching Fellowship in the Whitman School (2006-2008).

Professor Dharwadkar's research interests include corporate governance, organization theory, and organizational behavior.  Dharwadkar's research appears in the Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Executive, Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, Journal of International Business Studies, and Journal of Marketing. Professor Dharwadkar was the recipient of the Whitman School's Thomas Finucane Award for Exceptional Scholarship, 2002, and the inaugural Whitman Research Fellowship in the Whitman School (2004-2006) and serves on the editorial review board of the Academy of Management Journal, the leading management research journal.

Professor Dharwadkar teaches courses in international business, corporate governance, organization theory, and corporate strategy.  He is also the recipient of the Teaching Recognition Award of the Meredith Professorship, 2003, by Syracuse University, the Whitman Teaching Fellowship (2006-2008), and Excellence in Graduate Education Faculty Recognition Award, 2007, Syracuse University.

Selected Publications
  • "Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility: The moderating roles of attainment dicrepancy and organizational slack ", Corporate Governance: An International Review, 19: 136-152, 2011, (Arora, P.)
  • "Owners on both sides of the deal: Mergers and acquisitions and overlapping institutional ownership", Strategic Management Journal, 31: 1114-1135, 2010, (Goranova, M. & Brandes, P. )
  • "Institutional Ownership and Monitoring Effectiveness: It’s Not Only What You Own, It’s Also What Else You Own", Organization Science, 2008, (Goranova, M., Brandes, P., Khan, R.)
  • "The Importance of Being 'Indian'”: Identity Centrality and Work Outcomes in an Offshored Call Center in India", Human Relations, 2008, (with Das, D., Brandes, P. )
  • "Managerial Ownership and Corporate Diversification: A Longitudinal Examination", Strategic Management Journal, 28(3): 211-225, 2007, (Goranova, M., Alessandri, T., Brandes, P.)
  • "Japanese Career Progress Over the Long Haul: An Empirical Examination", Journal of International Business Studies, 37(1): 148-161, 2006, (Graen, G., Grewal, R., Wakabayashi, M.)
  • "Understanding the Rise and Fall of Stock Options Compensation: Taking Principal–Agent Conflicts to the Institutional (Battle)Field", Human Resource Management Review, 15(2): 97-118, 2005, (Brandes, P., Das, D. )
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