The Whitman School uses a variety of software systems to support its services, and we encourage you to become familiar with the technology to support your career interests.  You can access these systems whether on campus or not, so it is easy to have the support you need no matter where you are.

OrangeLink, by NACELink and Symplicity

Syracuse University has named its job listing software, OrangeLink.  This software houses the following information:  student profiles and career search documents, campus recruiting listings and dates, information session dates, and career and professional development workshops.  This is a key resource for you, and you can connect here:

Whitman Career Center Blackboard

The Whitman Career Center hosts a blackboard site that offers an on-line career workbook, career research & news, and access to our job posting boards with recommendations to additional job posting sites.  For matriculated Whitman students, connect here:

National Databases

The Bird Library, in partnership with the Whitman School, maintains a variety of subscriptions to database resources that afford students detailed, in-depth information about industries, companies and contacts.  Reference librarian Stephanie JH McReynolds specializes in business topics, and is available to tutor students on relevant resources available at the Bird Library.  You can access Bird Library resources here: