Syracuse University has established email as a primary vehicle for official communication with students, faculty, and staff. An official email address is established and assigned by Information Technology and Services (ITS) for each registered student, and current faculty and staff members.

How to:

*If you have any questions about configuring your smartphone, contact us in the 2nd Floor Lab 210, (315) 443-2342 or

Accessing faculty & staff e-mail from a smartphone:

Windows Mobile & iPhone: These smartphones enable faculty and staff to access their e-mail, contacts, calendar, and tasks directly through the University's e-mail server.  

Blackberry: Through the use of a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES), faculty and staff can access the University's e-mail servers and gain access to their e-mail, contacts, calendar, and tasks.

*If you have any questions about purchasing or configuring smartphones contact us in Suite 114, (315) 443-2342 or


SU Email Information & Policy