Students are provided a $20 credit at the beginning of each academic year for printing services in the ITS public computer labs. The University's online Print Quota Management System automatically deducts the cost of the printing service from the $20 credit until the $20 credit is exhausted. Using the University's Print Quota Management System, students can view the amount of money credited to them in their accounts, view their printing history and add money to their account using a credit card.

Each print in Whitman labs costs 1 cent per side of page. Whitman printers are defaulted for duplex (double-sided) printing. We strongly encourage students to use this default print setting, which helps us save paper and toner costs.

When the initial $20 credit has been exhausted, students can use a credit card to add money to their printing account through the University's online Print Quota Management System. Students can also use cash to add money to their account through the Schine Copy Center, Room 103 in the Schine Student Center, during normal business hours. Students will be notified via e-mail when their printing account balance drops below $5, and again when it drops below $1.

Whitman AirOrangeX Printing

Printing from student laptops to Whitman lab printers is available to both Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX users by following the instructions linked below. Students must have their computers configured for use on AirOrangeX prior to configuring a printer.

Printers available for printing via AirOrangeX:

  • WHIT-PR210 (undergraduate only)
  • WHIT-PR310 (graduate only)
  • WHIT-PRAtrium (Flaum Grand Hall)
*Available to Microsoft Windows users only  

Microsoft Windows Users 

(If you do not have SURA, please follow these instructions)

Apple OSX Users:

How to print wirelessly from a Mac