Incoming Freshmen

Welcome to the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University!

We are so glad that you decided to join the 'Cuse Community and even better, the Whitman family! 

Part of your transition to college life and the Whitman community includes selecting courses for your first semester as well as some assignments related to the IMPRESS Program. For more information on the program and selecting courses, please watch the 5 minute video above. Once you've watched the video, please read the documents on the right hand side for detailed descriptions on the available courses and how to select your courses. We will continue to add new information to this site regarding your summer reading, assignments, and your first House Challenge for the IMPRESS Program. Enjoy your summer and get ready for a great new beginning!

It's time to get started with your summer reading. The summer reading, American Business Since 1920, takes you on the journey of U.S. business over the last hundred years. It is crucial to understand the history of business to understand where business is today and where it will be heading into the future. One of the stated objectives of SOM 122 (the first-year business course) is to become familiar with the environment in which business operates. Reading this book over the summer starts to build this foundation of understanding. 

McGraw, T. (2009). American Business Since 1920: How It Worked (2nd edition), Harlan Davidson, Inc. You can purchase through most book stores and vendors.