Transfer Student Resources

Transfer Students from Other Colleges or Universities

Every Fall semester, the Whitman School of Management welcomes a limited number of students transferring to Syracuse University from other colleges and universities in the United States and abroad. Academic policies for these transfer students are: 

  • A minimum of six (6) semesters needed to be enrolled full-time at Syracuse University/Whitman School. 
  • A maximum of 25 percent of management courses can be transferred into the Whitman curriculum, all courses must be reviewed for equivalency. 
  • Approved credits from an outside institution will transfer, but grades will not be calculated into the Syracuse University GPA. 
  • Courses in which students receive a letter grades of "C-" or below will not transfer into SU. 
  • Only courses that will count towards graduation credit will be transferred into the Whitman program. 
  • Once matriculated into Whitman, a maximum of 12 additional credits may be transferred from another institution. 

For further information about these policies, or any other issues, contact the Whitman Undergraduate Office.