1. Do I need to have a college degree, or have taken some college courses, to attend?
    No. The EBV-F is program designed to be accessible to anyone with a passion for becoming a business owner, regardless of prior educational experiences.
  2. Are family members of the National Guard and Reserve members eligible for the program?
    Yes. The program is open to any individual who meets the eligibility requirements, to include family members of guard and reserve members.
  3. You require two letters of recommendation: why? And who should these letters come from?
    We are seeking applicants who demonstrate drive and determination in their approach to life and work. Letters of recommendation from current or former co-workers, commanders, supervisors, counselors, etc., help us make such an assessment. Letters of recommendation from family members are discouraged.
  4. Your program information states that all costs will be assumed by the EBV-F program. Does this include travel and lodging while attending the residency portion of the program?
    Yes. It is our position that through your service to your family and your country, you have already earned the price of admission. We have assumed the responsibility to raise the necessary funds to cover all costs associated with the EBV-F program. Travel expenses, lodging, meals, and the cost of the program itself will be funded by the EBV-F and its supporters.
  5. How will I get to and from the airport?
    Transportation will be provided throughout the bootcamp residency, for our delegates.
  6. I have special dietary requirements. Can these be accommodated?
    Yes, we will make every effort to accommodate these requests.
  7. What are the differences between EBV and EBV-F?
    The EBV program, because it is specifically for the veteran, includes specific training on government contracting issues related to vets, training on how to maximize benefits, and other special veterans' programs to help launch and grow the business. This content is not included as much in the EBV Families program, but it is replaced with training focused on family issues and careiver issues related to being a business owner.

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