David Harris

Professor of Accounting
Director, George E. Bennett Center for Accounting

(315) 443-3362
Room: 609

PhD (business), University of Michigan

PhD (business), University of Michigan

Research Topics

  • Federal taxes
  • Effects of taxes on business
  • Financial disclosure/market evaluation

Professor Harris teaches courses in federal income taxation at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Professor Harris conducts research on the effects of taxation on business decisions and on the interaction between firms' financial disclosures and markets' evaluations of their values. He earned the American Taxation Association Outstanding Manuscript Award, 1995-96, for his research.

Selected Publications
"Evidence on the Existence of Private Event-Period Information Around Earnings Announcements" (formerly titled, "Trading Volume and Changes in Consensus Coincident With Earnings Announcements: A Closer Look,") with Orie Barron and Mary Stanford, the Accounting Review, 403-422 (Vol. 80,2, 2005).

"Federal Tax Legislation as an Implicit Contracting Cost Benchmark: The Definition of Excessive Executive Compensation," (with Jane Livingstone), Accounting Review, 997-1018 (Vol. 77, 4, 2002).

"Intra-Group Interstate Strategic Income Management for Tax, Financial Reporting, and Regulatory Purposes," (with Anne Beatty), the Accounting Review, 2001.Selected Publications

  • "Evidence on the Existence of Private Event-Period Information Around Earnings Announcements", Accounting Review, 403-422 (Vol. 80,2, 2005, (with Barron,O., Stanford, M.)
  • "Auditor Competition and Auditor Independence: The Quality of Financial Statements", , 122, (with Duellman, S.)
  • "Tax Consulting and Reported Weaknesses in Internal Control ", , 123, (with Zhou, J.)
  • "Bilateral Implicit Taxes and Anti-Competitive Banking Regulation ", , 124, (with Kilic, E.)