Minet Schindehutte

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship

(315) 443-3586
Room: 532

PhD (chemistry), University of Pretoria

PhD (chemistry), University of Pretoria

Research Topics

  • The intersections of entrepreneurship
  • Strategy and marketing

Professor Schindehutte's research interests include the interface between entrepreneurship, innovation, and strategy; entrepreneurship under conditions of adversity; and factors affecting performance and the role of values in entrepreneurial companies. She has published widely in journals that include Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice.

Select Publications:
"Understanding Market-Driven Behavior: The Role of Entrepreneurship," (2008) Journal of Small Business Management, with Morris, M. and Kocak, A.

“Rethinking Marketing: The Entrepreneurial Imperative” (2008), Prentice-Hall, with Morris, M. and Pitt, L.

"Advancing Strategic Entrepreneurship Research: The Role of Complexity Science in Shifting the Pardigm," (2009), Special issue on Strategic Entrepreneurship, Entreprerneurship Theory and Practice, with Morris, M.H.

"Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategy: Lessons from the Red Queen," (2010), International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, with Morris, M.H.

"Inner City Engagement and the University: Interaction, Emergence and Transformation," (2011), Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, with Morris, M.H., Edmond, V., and Watters, C.Selected Publications

  • "The Journey as the Destination: Framing Entrepreneurship as Experience", , 117, 2007, (with Murdoch, A.)
  • "Rethinking Marketing: The Entrepreneurial Imperative", Prentice-Hall, 2008, (with Morris, M. and Pitt, L.)