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    The Whitman research topics database includes Whitman School faculty members and senior administrators. Use the database to identify faculty members with expertise in a wide range of business areas. Search by using business practice terms (i.e. human resources), department names (i.e. finance), or name of a particular individual. Once you have found a person, or persons, with whom you would like to speak, please forward your request to Kerri D. Howell, director of communications and media relations, at kdhowell@syr.edu.

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    Faculty whose research interests contain: Information Technology
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    Benaroch, Michel
    Associate Dean for Research and PhD Programs
    Professor of Management Information Systems
    (315) 443-3492

    Research Topics:

    information technology investments, information technology investment risks, information technology investment portfolios, management information systems


    Harter, Don
    Associate Dean for Masters Programs
    Associate Professor of MIS
    (315) 443-3502

    Research Topics: project management, software process improvement, effect of information technology improvements on product quality, productivity, hiring, salaries, and attrition

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