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Faculty whose research interests contain: Marketing
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Gauri, Dinesh
Associate Professor of Marketing

(315) 443-3672

Research Topics:

Retail Marketing, Consumer response to promotions, Retail Promotions, Benchmarking and store performance, Retail strategy, Grocery retailing, Pricing and promotions in Cruise industry


Lathrop, E. Scott
Professor of Marketing Practice

(315) 443-3459

Research Topics: cognitive processes in decision-making, new product development, innovation, corporate positioning, branding, consumer products, law firm marketing, airline industry marketing, electric utilities marketing, marketing strategy consulting


Lee, Eunkyu
Chair, Department of Marketing
Professor of Marketing
(315) 443-3429

Research Topics: price competition, brand management, distribution channels, marketing strategy, movie marketing, grocery retail marketing


Mazumdar, Tridib
Professor of Marketing
Director, Earl V. Snyder Innovation Management Center
(315) 443-3453

Research Topics: pricing, new product development, international marketing, brand management


Monforte, MaryAnn
Professor of Accounting Practice

(315) 443-8378

Research Topics:

technology marketing and sales, software applications and their impact on business, the dot-com bust, going public with companies, the emergence of web-based applications, bankruptcy, and reorganization under Chapter 11


Smith, Susan
Professor of Marketing Practice

(315) 443-3384

Research Topics: marketing, electrical industry, business-to-business marketing, wholesale supply


Stith, Melvin
Dean Emeritus

(315) 443-3751

Research Topics: business school education, business school leadership, key influences on black and white consumption patterns, value systems on consumer behavior, marketing

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