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Volume 16 Number 1
Social Entrepreneurship and a New Model for Internatinal Development in the 21st Centur7
In the last decade or so, there has been a growing interest in an area researchers are calling social entrepreneurship, a movement spearheaded by individuals with a desire to make the world a better place. This paper describes teh structure and proc ...
The Viability of Informal Microenterprise in South Africa
This paper analyzes entrepreneurs in South Africa informal sector. The aim is to determine the extent to which African informal retail trade spawns viable enterprises. To assess the prospects for South Africa's informal retail sector, we obtained qu ...
The Impact of College Entrepreneurial Education on Entrepreneurial Attitudes and Intention to Start a Business in Uganda
This paper reports results of a longitudinal quasi-experimental study that focused on the impact of entrepreneurial education and societal subjective norms on entrepreneurial attitudes and intentions of university students in Uganda to start a busine ...
Business Strategy and Competitive Advantage in Family Businesses in Ghana: The Role of Social Networking Relationships
The business strategy perspective argues that achieving competitive advantage hings on pursing a coherent competitive strategy. Family businesses are also said to manifest a strong desire to develop enduring and committed social relationships with e ...
Entrepreneurship as a Career Option for African Youths
This paper presents findings from a pilot study of four African entrepreneurs new to established, all who started their business as young people. Their narratives, enhanced by the inclusion of significant events derived by the use of the critical in ...
Women Entrepreneurship in West Africa: The Cowpea Street Food Sector in Niger and Ghana
Women entrepreneurship in the informal sector, such as street food vending, is important for poverty alleviation in West Africa. The street food sector provides employment for women and inexpensive and nutritious food for the urban poor. In this pa ...
Institutional and Economic Foundation of Entrepreneurship in Africa: An Overview
Africa is arguably the richest continent in terms of minerals and natural resources. Prior research has also found that Africa has an abundance of entrepreneurs that possess the ability to identify business opportunities and to exploit them. Howeve ...


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