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Volume 16 Number 3
Evaluating women entrepreneurs in the informal sector: some evidence from India
Studies on women entrepreneurs in the informal economy no longer view them merely as a residue from some pre-modern mode of production that is disappearing. Instead, they are either read through a structuralist lens as marginalised populations engage ...
Through a Fractured Lens: Women Entrepreneurs and the Private Equity Negotiation Process
Access to financial resources remains an important aspect of new venture start-up and growth strategies. While women still obtain a small amount of total private equity investment, they are increasingly involved in developing high growth ventures whi ...
An Empirical Examination of the Interactive Effects of Goal Orientation, Participative Leadership and Task Conflict on Innovation in Small Business
This study investigated the relationship between task conflict and innovation in small business. It also investigated the interactive effects of entrepreneur’s goal orientation and participative leadership style on the relationship between task confl ...
An Analysis of the Relationship between New Firm Formation and Economic Development in the Northeast Region of the United Statesry Study
The overall objective of this study is to provide policy makers with information on the role of new firm formation in the economic development in the Northeast region of the United States. This study identifies and estimates the impacts of new firm f ...
Female Entrepreneurship in Afghanistan: An Exploratory Study
This paper analyses the motivations of eight female Afghan entrepreneurs to start up their own business and the problems they encountered. Income generation was the most important push factor but pull factors including desire for independence and aut ...
Parental Self-Employment, Startup Activities and Funding: Exploring Intergenerational Effects
In this paper we compare first generation entrepreneurs with entrepreneurs whose parents were self-employed. To test the hypotheses, we use PSED II data on nascent entrepreneurs to explore the effects of parental self-employment (PSE) on various star ...


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