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Volume 18, Number 2
The Dynamics of Strategic Entry and Motivations of Yoruba Women textile traders into textile trading at Balogun market, Lagos state, Nigeria
Despite the significant contributions of Yoruba women in economic development nationally, the unrecognized attitude of the government, lack of existing legal framework and policies, vagaries of informal economy and changes in socio- economic landsc ...
Entrepreneurship in Rural America Across Typologies, Gender and Motivation
This study examines the effect of rurality and job growth rate on early-stage necessity and opportunity entrepreneurship among women and men in America from three rural typology perspectives. To achieve this objective, we build a dataset that combine ...
Drawing on institutional theory and using a methodologyadapted from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), early stageentrepreneurial activities are examined within American Indian nations.Examining a context within a larger institutional context ...
An Examination of the Competitive Attitudes of Entrepreneurs: Implications for Entrepreneurial Orientation at the Individual Level
This exploratory study examined the competitive attitudes of entrepreneurs using the psychological theory of  hypercompetitiveness versus personal development competitiveness in data from a cross-section o ...
Identifying High potential Entrepreneurs in a Developing Country. A Cluster Analysis of Ugandan Entrepreneurs
It has often been argued that entrepreneurs in developing countries can be classified as either "survival" or growth-oriented". However there is little systematic knowledge about classifications of entrepreneurs in developing countries.  We prop ...
Women entrepreneurs are gaining in numbers around the globe. The rate of women’s entrepreneurship in Africa is higher than any other region of the world but no studies have focused on North Sudan. We investigate women entrepreneurs in North Sudan by ...
Social Value Creation: A Qualitative Study of Indian Social Entrepreneurs
Social entrepreneurship is emerging as an important field of study within business disciplines. There is significant social entrepreneurship activity in emerging economies but little systematic research of the phenomenon in this context. The purpose ...


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