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Volume 21, Number 1
Empirical Effects of Entrepreneurship on Local Development: A Local Perspective in China
It is a common belief that entrepreneurship active regions tend to have better economic development. This paper aims to examine what changes have occurred on a region’s social, physical (e.g. food, air, water, soil or health that can affect physical ...
Factors contributing to Women's venture success in developing countries: An Exploratory Analysis
Although the body of literature on women entrepreneurs is relatively small when compared to that of men, the majority of articles that have focused on women entrepreneurs and issues surrounding them center on women in developed countries. Few studie ...
America's Largest Black-Owned Companies: A 40-Year Longitudinal Analysis
This longitudinal analysis of the largest black-owned businesses in the United States covers the period from 1974 through 2014, a time-span of 40 years and is a follow-up to an earlier inquiry published ten years ago in the Journal of Developmental E ...
Can Neural Networks Predict Business Failure?: Evidence from Small Firsm in the UK
This paper, using a flexible and more robust, analytical tool, neural networks models, analyses the factors that are most important in determining business failure among small, high-technology firms. Using the resource-based view and organisational e ...
Academic Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences: the Case of a Moderate Innovate
The commercialisation of research done by universities and research institutes is seen as a key element of entrepreneurship, justifying a better understanding of the entrepreneurial process within those institutions. Despite efforts in recent decades ...
Network not Utilized: The Case of Ultra-Orthodox Female Micro-Entrepreneurs in Israel
The study examines the role of social networks in the Ultra-Orthodox community in Israel as a tool for promoting micro-entrepreneurial success. To date, research has shown that social network structure is a salient factor in the successful management ...
Human Capital, perceived domestic institutional Quality and Entrepreneurship among highly skilled chinese returnees
Over the past two decades, China has witnessed the emergence of an economic and technological force on returnee entrepreneurs and for their entrepreneurial activities. Chinese government has implement a series of preferential policies for returnee en ...


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