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Volume 7, Number 3
Constraints of Growth Oriented Enterprises in the Southern and Eastern African Region
In its efforts to promote the creation of quality jobs within the small- and medium-scale enterprise sector, the Regional Project Office for the International Labor Organization’s Start and Improve Your Business Department of Harare has undertaken tw ...
Interviewer Cheating: Implications for Research on Entrepreneurship in Africa
Interviewer cheating has seldom been studied or discussed as a problem in the literature. This article therefore begins with a brief review of this problem area which is of utmost importance especially for entrepreneurship research in a Third World c ...
The Moderator Effect of Cognitive Ability on the Relation Between Planning Strategies and Business Success of Small Scale Business Owners in South Africa: A Longitudinal Study
This article argues that there is a moderator effect of cognitive ability on the relationship between of planning with business success. Two contradictory hypotheses were tested: either people with a high degree of cognitive ability are able to use p ...
Individual Perception of Business Contexts:
The article presents two case studies of small-scale business innovators in Tanzania. The focus is on individual entrepreneurs’ conception of their contexts as enabling environments for entrepreneurial endeavor. The objective is to identify regional ...
Psychological Success Factors of Small Scale Businesses in Namibia: The Roles of Strategy Process, Entrepreneurial Orientation and the Environment
It is hypothesized that psychological strategy process characteristics, such as complete planning, critical point planning, opportunistic, and reactive, as well as entrepreneurial orientation (autonomy, innovativeness, competitive aggressiveness, and ...
Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs in Africa: What We Know and What We Need to Do
This paper summarizes what we know about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in Africa using three broad categories: The entrepreneur, the entrepreneurial firm, and the external environment. The entrepreneur’s attributes relevant for success or failur ...


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