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The Role of Adaptation in Microenterprise Development: A Marketing Perspective Leyland F. Pitt and Rushieda Kannemeyer
Vol. Volume 5, Number 2 August/2000

The entrepreneur's willingness to adapt key marketing mix variables impacts on the performance of the venture. However, this phenomenon has not received a great deal of research attention. This paper explores the concept of adaptation as it applies to marketing efforts of the start-up entrepreneur, in order to determine whether traits commonly associated with the entrepreneurial personality are associated with successful adaptation of one's business. A conceptual model is developed to guide the study and results are reported of interviews conducted with a sample of historically disadvantaged South African entrepreneurs. Support is provided for the conceptual model, and it is suggested that tolerance of ambiguity and an internal locus of control are positively related, and risk-taking is negatively associated, with adaptation of marketing strategy. Suggestions for further research are provided, and implications for managers are discussed.

Keywords: Adaptation, entrepreneurial ventures, locus of control, marketing, risk, tolerance of ambiguity