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Women Entrepreneurs in Russia: Learning to Survive the Market
Vol. Volume 5, Number 1 April/2000

Alexi Izyumov and Irina Razumnova

Alexi Izyumov is Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics, College of Business and Public Administration (CBPA), University of Louisville.

Irina Razumnova is a founder and director of Small Business Development Center ñGuildia,î in Moscow, Russia. Research assistance for this paper provided by Rebecca Voegele.

The explosion of unemployment and increase in economic discrimination against women in Russia since the start of market reforms has pushed m any of them into the ranks of microentrepreneurs. The paper surveys the status of women-owned businesses in Russia with an emphasis on the training needed for a successful transition from unemployment to entrepreneurship. Advantages for female entrepreneurs of home-based businesses, in particular Internet-mediated information services, are discussed. A case study is presented based on the authorsÍ survey of participants of a training program for women entrepreneurs in Moscow province.

Keywords: Female entrepreneurs, economic development, unemployment, entrepreneurial education, and information services.