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Intrapreneurship Modeling in Transition Economies: A Comparison of Slovenia and the United States
Vol. Volume 5, Number 1 April/2000

Bostjan Antoncic and Robert D. Hisrich

Bostjan Antoncic is faculty member at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Robert D. Hisrich is Mixon Chaired Professor at the Weatherhead The Martin J. Whitman School of Management, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio.

While it has been suggested that intrapreneurship is an essential vehicle for success of established organizations, its merits have been shown and discussed mainly with an emphasis on firms in developed economies, especially in the United States. This study looks at the role of intrapreneurship in a transition economy by comparing patterns of relationships and levels of constructs in the intrapreneurship model between Slovenia and the United States. The results of path analysis suggest that patterns do not differ across the two countries and that levels of intrapreneurship are slightly lower and performance levels (growth and profitability) are much lower in Slovenia relative to the United States. For existing firms in transition economies, intrapreneurship represents a particularly important challenge and opportunity for increasing performance.

Keywords: Intrapreneurship, transition economy, United States comparison with Slovenia