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Social Entrepreneurship: The Role of Social Purpose Enterprises in Facilitating Community Economic Development
Vol. Volume 4, Number 2 April/1999

Sherri Leronda Wallace

Sherri Leronda Wallace is Assistant Professor in the Department of Planning in the School of Architecture and Planning, State University of New York at Buffalo. The author is grateful to Deborah Koshinsky, Kiran Lalloo, Devajyoti Deka and the anonymous reviewers for their criticisms and suggestions. However, the author bears sole responsibility for the content and/or errors herein.

This paper seeks to examine the role of social and political cohesion in a community economic development context focusing on the emergence and dynamics of social purpose enterprises in facilitating community development and revitalization efforts. The discourse centers on why community economic development is essential and who can best promote community economic development. In answer to these two inquiries, this paper argues the case for the recognition of and advocacy for the expansion of social purpose enterprises, often operating for-profit ventures, as an effective socio-political and economic link between government and free market enterprise.

Keywords: Community economic development, economic empowerment, self-determination, social entrepreneurs, social purpose enterprises