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Women-Owned Businesses: Obstacles and Opportunities
Vol. Volume 2, Number 1 June/1997

Candida G. Brush

Candida G. Brush is Assistant Professor of Management Policy and Core Faculty in the Entrepreneurial Management Institute at Boston University. The author thanks James E. Post for his thoughtful advice in the preparation of this manuscript, David Brophy for guidance throughout this entire project, Trish Mattoff for research assistance, and Patricia Greene and David Brush for comments and suggestions. In particular, the author is most grateful to the eight women who dedicated the better part of a day participating in the Focus group; Rose Slade, Regina McManus, Jennifer Kushel, Terrian Barnes, Sharon Hadary, Barbara Davis-Solomon, Petra Barrera, and Dorothy Brunson.

Record numbers of women are creating new businesses in all sectors and regions of the U.S. This impressive growth suggests that situational and dispositional barriers posited by theories are being overcome with regard to venture creation and acquisition. However, academic research examining factors leading to performance is sparse and inconclusive. This exploratory study reports conclusions from a focus group of women business owners. Seven themes emerged, four obstacles and three opportunities. Following theory, propositions for future investigation are suggested.

Keywords: Women business owners, Advantages for women in business, Obstacles to women in business.