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Strategic Responses to the Decline and/or Elimination of Government Set-Aside Programs for Minority and Women-Owned Businesses
Vol. Volume 2, Number 1 June/1997

Matthew C. Sonfield

Matthew C. Sonfield is the Robert F. Dall Distinguished Professor in Business at Hofstra University on Long Island.

For many years, Federal, state and local government set-aside contracts have provided opportunities for minority-owned (and more recently women-owned) small businesses to attain the sales volume needed to achieve break-even and subsequent profitability on an uneven playing field. Yet in recent years court rulings, legislative actions and voter referendums, in combination with a more conservative public attitude, have resulted in reductions, cessation or moratoriums of such programs, with the threat of more severe program cuts in the future. This article suggests a variety of strategies available to minority and women small business owners who feel threatened by these political and legislative changes, and provides a comprehensive and current listing of practitioner-oriented references to allow the small business owner or advisor to pursue in-depth information about these changes and suggested strategies.

Keywords: Government set-aside contracts, minority and women small business owners, discrimination.