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Rejoinder: Toward a Broader Understanding of the Needs of African American Entrepreneurs
Vol. Volume 1, Number 1 June/1996

Salome Raheim

Salome Raheim is Assistant Professor of Social Work at the University of Iowa and co-author of The Self-Employment Investment Demonstration final evaluation report: Part I--Participant Survey.

This article was written in response to the preceding Bates paper; The Financial Needs of Black-owned Businesses. Microenterprise development in the United States is described. The results of the final evaluation of the Self-Employment Investment Demonstration (SEID) are summarized. It is argued that Bates' conclusions on microenterprise programs are incorrect because they based on the results of programs that have been discontinued and that do not reflect the current microenterprise program models. Successful microenterprise programs can include poor African Americans who do not have a college education.

Keywords: Microenterprise development, microenterprise loan programs, Self-Employment Investment Demonstration (SEID).