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Business Strategy and Competitive Advantage in Family Businesses in Ghana: The Role of Social Networking Relationships
Vol. Volume 16 Number 1 March/2011

Moses Acquaah
The business strategy perspective argues that achieving competitive advantage hings on pursing a coherent competitive strategy. Family businesses are also said to manifest a strong desire to develop enduring and committed social relationships with external stakeholders. This study examines the effect of business strategy on performance of family businesses and how their managerial social networking relationships with external entities moderate the business strategy-performance link. Using data from 54 family firms from Ghana, the findings indicate that: 1) the pursuit of the business strategies of cost leadership and differentiation create competitive advantage for family business; 2) social networking relationships with government bureaucratic officials and community leaders are beneficial to family businesses, but social networking relationships with political leaders is detrimental to family businesses; and 3) the benefit of business strategy to family businesses is moderated positively by networking with community leaders, but negatively by networking with political leaders.

Keywords: Africa, business strategy, family businesses, Ghana, social networking relationships, performance