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The Impact of College Entrepreneurial Education on Entrepreneurial Attitudes and Intention to Start a Business in Uganda
Vol. Volume 16 Number 1 March/2011

Warren Byabashaija Isaac Katono
This paper reports results of a longitudinal quasi-experimental study that focused on the impact of entrepreneurial education and societal subjective norms on entrepreneurial attitudes and intentions of university students in Uganda to start a business. Data were collected in two waves: wave one before the entrepreneurship course and wave two after the entrepreneurship course - four months later. The sample composed of college students. Analyses included tests of significance of changes in the attitudes and intentions of students after the entrepreneurship course, the mediating role of attitudes and moderating role of employment expectations. The results show small but significant changes in attitudes and a significant mediating role of attitudes - perceived feasibility, perceived desirability and self-efficacy, but non-significiant moderating influence of employment expectations. The findings offer lessons for policy makers and more questions for researchers.

Keywords: Social entrepreneurship, Africa, Internatinal Development, Health Care