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Rural Women and Entrepreneurship: A Case Study in Heraklion Crete Prefecture, Greece
Vol. Volume 16 Number 2 June/2011

Lassithiotaki Aikaterini    
This article investigates the entrepreneurial beliefs/ambitions, expectations, goals and visions of rural women who choose to cooperate and found Women's Rural cooperatives in the Prefecture of Heraklion on the island of Crete. The results of a qualitative study involving a sample of eight chairwomen of rural women's established Traditional Food Production cooperatives indicated that the traditional domestic roles (housewife, mother), the low level of education, the lack of professional skills, enterprise experience and mostly the unwillingness of rural women to undertake enterprise risk, have turned them toward an enterprise model that lacks modern business methods in the use of quality control production systems, in the production of Protected Geographical Identification Goods and /or Certified Local Traditional Food and/or Organic Products, in the use of new organizing and managing technologies, in advertising and promoting products and in administrative renewal.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship of rural women, rural women's cooperatives, development of less favored areas: Heraklion Crete Prefecture, Greece