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Institutions and Entrepreneurial Intent: A Cross-Country Study
Vol. Volume 16 Number 2 June/2011

Robert L. Engle

Christopher Schlaegel

Nikolay Dimitriadi

This study examines a number of proposed relationships between formal and informal institutional factors that impact the entrepreneurial intent (EI) of 477 university business students in Germany, Russia and the United States, as well as similarities and differences in these relationships between countries.  This is the first study of which we are aware to develop an instrument to measure the impact of formal institutional factors on El based upon the World Banks's Doing Business Report. Overall, the results give only minor support for the influence of formal institutional factors on EI with the greater impact appearing to come from the informal institutions of need, social norms and parental experience.  Theoretical and practical implications are discussed.    

Keywords: Institutional theory, formal institutions, informal institutions, entrepreneurial intent