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Entrepreneur's Personality, Education, and Venture Effectiveness: Perceptions of Palestinian Entrepreneurs
Vol. Volume 16 Number 2 June/2011

Dean Elmuti

Grace Khoury

Bassam Abdul-Rahim

Two hundred and eighty five entrepreneurs, prospective entrepreneurs, and the lay public in the West Bank, Palestine were surveyed to determine their motivations for business ownership, the factors contributing to their success, and the challenges they faced.  Based on survey responses, the personality variable has been found to be a major determinant of success in an economically disadvantaged, politically unstable and culturally traditional environment as exist in the Palestinian Society.  The public attitudes have a tremendous impact on how Palestinian entrepreneurs view themselves and their role in the community.  More wieght was assigned to internal or subjective factors (personality characteristics and social competence) than to external or ojbective factors (economic, political) in the achievement of business success.  The results have very significant implications for the design and implementation of training courses for both prospective and operating entrepreneurs in Palestine and maybe elsewhere in the world.

Keywords: Entrepreneur's Personality, Social Competence Skills, Ventures Effectiveness