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The Causes and Dynamics of Minority Entrepreneurial Entry
Vol. Volume 17 Number 1 March/2012

Cathy Yang Liu
This study examines the causes and dynamics in the creation of business ventures by minority nascent entrepreneurs. Minority business enterprises are an important source of job creation and innovation in the US economy, as well as economic development engines in their respective communities. However, little is understood about the unique motivations, business strategies and plans in the early stage of their venture formation. This paper utilizes the Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics (PSED) dataset in investigating black and Hispanic entrepreneurial entry as compared to white nascent entrepreneurs around three important dimensions: motivation, business strategy, and community resources. It is found that blacks are highly driven by a range of motivational factors while Hispanics value intergenerational inheritance and role models in business ownership. Both groups heavily focus on a niche market strategy by lowering prices, serving markets missed by others and locating close to customers. Contrary to expectation, their perceptions of community resources are not more favorable than whites. Public policy implications are discussed.

Keywords: Nascent entrepreneur; minority; motivation; strategy; community.