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Institutional Environment for Entrepreneurship: Evidence from the Developmental States of South Korea and United Arab Emirates
Vol. Volume 17 Number 3 September/2012

Vishal K. Gupta,Ali Alper Yayla,Arijit Sikdar and Min-Seok Cha
The purpose of this research is to examine country institutional profile for encouraging entrepreneurial activity in two developmental states: South Korea and United Arab Emirates. Data was collected from business students in the two countries to examine the favorability of their institutional environment for entrepreneurship. Confirmatory factor analysis indicated high reliability, construct validity, and internal consistency for the Korean and Arabic language versions of the questionnaire instrument in the respective countries. Results revealed important cross-national differences between the two countries in the regulatory, cognitive, and normative dimensions of the institutional environment. Implications, limitations, and future research directions, are discussed.

Keywords: Institutional environment, developmental states, cross-country