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Entrepreunership and Micro-Finance in Extreme Poverty Circumstances-Challenges and Prospects: The Case of Zimbabwe
Vol. Volume 18 Number 1 March/2013

Tendai Murisa and Tendai Chikweche
Using an on-going real case study of a micro-finance project modeled on financial inclusion in Zimbabwe, a country with high levels of poverty we provide real time insights on entrepreneurship and micro-finance in this environment focusing on the nature of challenges faced by entrepreneurs and potential solutions to these challenges. Whilst acknowledging that this is a research stream that has dominated micro-finance our study extends the scope of research beyond Asian and Latin America to include insights from an African market where micro-finance has recorded significant growth yet very few stories are told about these experiences. Our case study provides an opportunity to reflect on emerging and previously held insights in real time using a project that is still in the process of dealing with these challenges. We then go onto illustrate how our inclusive approach to serving the unbanked segment in Zimbabwe has potential for broader contribution to poverty reduction among citizens who are exposed to extreme conditions of poverty. Our paper also outlines an alternative approach of solutions to the challenges faced by micro-finance entrepreneurs which could be applied by entrepreneurs in environments facing similar challenges.

Keywords: Micro-finance, Entrepreneurs, Inclusive finance, Desperate poverty