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Working With or Against the System: Ethical Dilemmas for Entrepreneurship in Ghana
Vol. Volume 18 Number 1 March/2013

Jocelyn Sackey, Ylva Faltholm, and Hakan Ylinenpaa
The aim of this paper is to address entrepreneurship and ethics from the perspective of the Ghanaian entrepreneur in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in order to extend our understanding of issues influencing entrepreneurial behavior in developing economies such as Ghana. Our study specifically addresses three typical situations where business ethics are challenged: (1) when applying for business information and permits, (2) when competing for business contracts and financing, and (3) when dealing with tax authorities. Relying on in-depth case-study data from 55 entrepreneurs the paper is concluded by conceptualizing entrepreneurial behaviour related to business ethics and by identifying some important challenges to overcome for economies such as the Ghanaian in order to build a more effective market economy.

Keywords: Business ethics, Entrepreneurship, Dilemmas in Small business, Ghana