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Vol. Volume 18, Number 2 June/2013

Dianne H.B. Welsh, Esra Memili, Eugene Kaciak and Saddiaga Ahmed
Women entrepreneurs are gaining in numbers around the globe. The rate of women’s entrepreneurship in Africa is higher than any other region of the world but no studies have focused on North Sudan. We investigate women entrepreneurs in North Sudan by addressing these questions: (1) What are the major challenges North Sudanese women entrepreneurs face in (a) venture start-up, and (b) running their businesses, (2) What are the main support sources enabling North Sudanese women entrepreneurs’ (a) venture start-up, and (b) successful management of their new ventures?, and (3) Is there family involvement in the North Sudanese women entrepreneurs’ businesses; and if so, how? Personal issues, management skills, and obtaining financing are challenges while sources of support include schooling and previous work experience, moral support, and institutional support. Family business owners enjoy somebody else’s support during their business start-up whereas non-family business owners rely mostly on themselves. By examining specific personal traits and managerial skills, this paper contributes to an understanding of what contributes to successful women growth-oriented firms. Our results are helpful in further development of policies to promote women-owned businesses by understanding what barriers women entrepreneurs face and what solutions work best. Implications for further research are discussed.

Keywords: Women Entrepreneurs; North Sudan; Family Business