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The Dynamics of Strategic Entry and Motivations of Yoruba Women textile traders into textile trading at Balogun market, Lagos state, Nigeria
Vol. Volume 18, Number 2 June/2013

Olabisi Sherifat Yusuff
Despite the significant contributions of Yoruba women in economic development nationally, the unrecognized attitude of the government, lack of existing legal framework and policies, vagaries of informal economy and changes in socio- economic landscape have accounted largely for closure of Yoruba women enterprises in informal economy. Using Yoruba women textile traders as a case study for the fact that these women have broken the ‘’glass ceiling’’ and made success of their textile trading, this paper examined the dynamics of entry and motivations of Yoruba women in textile trading. The paper examined the trajectory between Social capital, women entrepreneurial development, and Social Action Theory by Max Weber. The paper utilized qualitative method of data collection. Eight focus group discussions, and forty In-depth –interviews were used to collect information from the women participants who were purposively chosen. The data reveal that parents, family/ kinship members, and friends had great influence in strategic entry of women into textile trading at Balogun market and subsequent development of women entrepreneurial activities. Yoruba women textile traders were motivated into textile trading because of economic and cultural values attached to it. This data is essential towards policy formulation for women entrepreneurial development in informal economy. This paper argues that any policies that will be implemented for women entrepreneurs in informal economy must be conceived, formulated, and implemented with in-depth understanding of the nuances elements in the cultural domain within the social system that the existing literature is yet to capture

Keywords: : Dynamics, Strategic Entry, Motivations, informal economy, Women Textile Trader Nigeria