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Entrepreneurship in the Rainbow Nation: Affect of Cultural Values and ESE on Intentions
Vol. Volume 11, Number 3 September/2006

Boris Urban

Because of South Africa's multicultural society, different cultural values were hypothesized to influence proclivity toward entrepreneurship across ethnic groups. Building on previous research conducted on ethnicity and entrepreneurship, selected findings were investigated to formulate hypotheses and contextualize the study. By adapting entrepreneurial intentions to reflect entrepreneurial self-efficacy (ESE) as a separate measure of feasibility to start a business, principal component analysis was conducted to verify the construct validity of the measures and internal consistency was established. The latest VSM 94 was used to capture the five dimensions of culture. ANOVA and Duncans multiple tests indicated some significant differences across ethnic groups, while correlation and multiple regression analysis demonstrated that it was the ESE beliefs rather than cultural values that influence intentions.