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Gender Differences in Entrepreneurial Relationships: Evidence from the Franchising Context
Vol. Volume 19, Number 4 December/2014

William R. Meek, John Mueller & Diane M. Sullivan
This study examines how entrepreneurial relationship variables such as trust, conflict, interpersonal justice, and satisfaction differ among a group of men and women franchisees. Results suggest that differences exist between men and women franchisees in relation to conflict, interpersonal justice, and trust with their franchisor. These results are consistent with research on feminine gender roles and research that suggests women entrepreneurs are more relationship oriented throughout the entrepreneurial process. The results further make a case for the importance of empirically examining different entrepreneurial relationship variables in future research on gender and entrepreneurship, and illustrate the power of the franchising business model in breaking down potential barriers of gender discrimination for female entrepreneurs.

Keywords: Gender Differences; Entrepreneurial Relationships; Franchising