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Recognizing the contribution of Women Entrepreneurs in economic development in Sub Saharan Africa: some evidence from Ghana
Vol. Volume 20, Number 1 March/2015

Kwame Adom
In recent decades Women entrepreneurs have been seen to contribute the economic development of nations especially in developing countries. Until now the contribution of women entrepreneurs to economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa has been relegated to the background or ignored in development circles. Part of the reason is that women entrepreneurs mainly work in the informal economy and are necessity driven and marginalized. The aim of this paper is to examine critically the contribution of women entrepreneurs in Sub Saharan Africa as a means to achieve economic development using Ghana as a case study. The study employed qualitative approach using multiple case study design. To examine the women entrepreneurship, a 2013 survey involving face-to-face interview of 60 women entrepreneurs from Accra in Ghana is analysed. The key finding is that although men entrepreneurs contribute to economic development more than their women counterparts; there remains untapped potential for women entrepreneurs becoming key players for achieving economic development. The findings of the study have some implication for policy on women entrepreneurship. There is therefore, a call to harness these potentials through policies that would promote women entrepreneurship on equal wavelength as their male counterparts. This is the first known study of women entrepreneurship as a catalyst for economic development in Ghana.

Keywords: Women Entrepreneurship, Gender, economic development, Sub Saharan Africa, Ghana,