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Comparing the Development of Entrepreneurial Self-efficacy
Vol. Volumne 20, Number 3 September/2015

Gloria L. Sweida
The aim of this paper is to examine the potential differences in the entrepreneurial self-efficacy of women entrepreneurs who own businesses in traditional, gender congruent and non-traditional, non-congruent industries. Through the lens of social cognitive theory the four antecedents of efficacy are examined. The results of ten in depth interview show that there are over-arching similarities in all factors between the groups but nuanced differences in the areas of mastery experiences, social persuasion, and vicarious learning. The paper concludes with a discussion of how these differences exacerbate barriers for women to start certain businesses and highlights the role qualitative methods play in explicating discrete context.

Keywords: Women entrepreneurs; entrepreneurial self-efficacy; non-traditional women; qualitative