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Human Capital, perceived domestic institutional Quality and Entrepreneurship among highly skilled chinese returnees
Vol. Volume 21, Number 1 March/2016

Yue Bao, Qi Miao, Ying Liu & Huiyao Wang
Over the past two decades, China has witnessed the emergence of an economic and technological force on returnee entrepreneurs and for their entrepreneurial activities. Chinese government has implement a series of preferential policies for returnee entrepreneurs. Based on a survey of Chinese returnees and returnee entrepreneurship from 2011 to 2011, we investigate the extent to which the career choices of highly skilled Chinese returnees are related to human capital, technological resources, and perceived domestic institutional environment factors. We found that the likelihood of becoming an entrepreneurs is affected by returnees’ education levels, whether bringing back new business model from abroad, and administrative complexity,. The results of our analysis are robust to a number of specification checks.

Keywords: High skilled Chinese returnees, entrepreneurship, human capital, technology resources, perceived institutional environment