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America's Largest Black-Owned Companies: A 40-Year Longitudinal Analysis
Vol. Volume 21, Number 1 March/2016

Matthew C. Sonfield
This longitudinal analysis of the largest black-owned businesses in the United States covers the period from 1974 through 2014, a time-span of 40 years and is a follow-up to an earlier inquiry published ten years ago in the Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship. This current study focuses on similarities and differences from the earlier analysis. This investigation probes the overall evolution of these companies, as well as various trends, patterns, and other characteristics within the general data of both growth and decline; and provides data, information, analysis and resultant conclusions and implications which should be both of interest and of value to: a) black and other minority active and aspiring businesspeople, b) researchers in the area of minority business, c) consultants and advisors to such businesses, and d) those involved in related business development policy.

Keywords: Black business, minority business, ethnic minority business, governement set-aside contracts, minority supplier development, & minority business development