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Comparison of female and male youth characteristics Prior to Entrepreneurial Development Training: Evidence from a Developing Country
Vol. Volume 22, Number 1 March/2017

Freddie Festo Mawanga
All pre-entrepreneurial development training collect data on the participating individuals as baseline data. In this desktop analysis, data compared gender characteristics. Purpose was to identify customised gender training programmes and policies; and a mechanism for monitoring these characteristics as individuals develop into entrepreneurs. Data from youths being trained after an insurgency in a developing country were used. Analysis was with help of SPSS ver. 21. Findings were that male youths were significantly more than female youth in the training. Correlations revealed that most significant associated characteristic of the youths were similar though some were gender related. ANOVA revealed a significant difference in education, meals eaten per day and savings with varying levels of effect between male and female youths with male youths scoring higher than the female. Education mediated monthly income and savings among female youths but among male youth its mediation was on number of dependants they had. Finally, a binary logit regression showed that both gender were predictable using their education, quality of house they reside in, number of dependents and amount of savings but with varying direction of likelihood and extent. Implications of the study are discussed in the paper.

Keywords: Pre-entrepreneurial Training, Gender Characteristics, Binary Logit Regression, ANOVA, Uganda,