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Gender Differences and Entrepreneurial Munificence: The Pursuit of Innovative New Ventures
Vol. Volume 22, Number 1 March/2017

Birton J Cowden & Jintong Tang
Much of the literature on gender differences in entrepreneurship focuses on entrepreneurial propensity and access to resources. This study takes a step further to explore gender differences in the type of new ventures pursued. Specifically, we investigate whether there is a gender difference in the pursuit of innovative vs. imitative new ventures. Additionally, we examine whether perceptions of the entrepreneur's environment influence the pursuit of innovative new ventures for female vs. male entrepreneurs. Utilizing PSED data, we find that there is no significant difference between genders in the pursuit of innovative new ventures. However, entrepreneurial munificence (i.e., having friends that have started their own businesses, and perceived support of financial institutions) matters for female-led businesses in their pursuit of innovative new ventures. These findings have major implications for building effective entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Keywords: Female entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial munificence, innovative new ventures,