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Traditional Farmers or Modern Businessmen? Religious Differentiation in a Kleine Gemeinde Mennonite Community in Belize
Vol. Volume 10, Number 1 April/2005

Carel Roessingh and Amber Schoonderwoerd
This article addresses the religious and entrepreneurial differentiation within Spanish Lookout, a Mennonite community in Belize, Central America. Although most Mennonites live more or less on the edge of society, they have been able to establish a strong and stable economic position within Belize. Since their migration to Belize, the Mennonites of Spanish Lookout have developed a more differentiated economic system with commercial agriculture and agribusiness. The Mennonites maintain a remarkable transnational network, introducing innovations on different levels: from modern or better machines, to religious and social changes. The influences from Mennonites outside Belize on the social-economic system of the Spanish Lookout Mennonites, along with the developments within the community, constitute the main focus of this article.