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Examining Venturing-related Myths about Women Entrepreneurs
Vol. Volume 9, Number 2 August/2004

Teresa V. Menziez, Monica Diochon and Yvon Gasse
Despite the increasing number of women who are starting businesses, distinct hurdles exist for women, for instance the lower incidence of females as business owners and the paucity of academic research on the topic of female entrepreneurs. Another major hurdle is the presence of “derogatory myths” like those specified in the U.S. Diana Project. A random sample of nascent entrepreneurs in Canada is utilized to examine these myths about women entrepreneurs. Although many of the myths were unsubstantiated, the findings show that perhaps women don’t have the right educational background to start large businesses and they may be starting businesses unattractive to venture capitalists. These findings are a clear wake-up call for the implementation of new programs and policies to increase the number of females studying computer and engineering sciences, and to encourage and nurture a higher incidence of females as lead entrepreneurs.