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Views on Self-employment and Personality: An Exploratory Study
Vol. Volume 8, Number 3 December/2003

Gangaram Singh and Alex DeNoble
The relationship between early developmental views on self-employment (intent, perceived ability, and personal investment) and personality (extraversion, agreeableness, consciousness, openness, and neuroticism) is explored. The data are taken from 342 students from a large state university located on the West Coast of the United States. Regression analyses indicate that views on self-employment are related to personality. Openness, for example, is positively related to perceived ability, and personal investment. Neuroticism is negatively related to intent and ability. Our results also indicate significant interactions between personality, gender, and having a close self-employed relative with respect to views on self-employment. In the final section, we discuss these results and identify a future research agenda.