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Psychological Success Factors of Small Scale Businesses in Namibia: The Roles of Strategy Process, Entrepreneurial Orientation and the Environment
Vol. Volume 7, Number 3 October/2002

Michael Frese, Anouk Brantjes, Rogier Hoorn
It is hypothesized that psychological strategy process characteristics, such as complete planning, critical point planning, opportunistic, and reactive, as well as entrepreneurial orientation (autonomy, innovativeness, competitive aggressiveness, and risk taking) are related to entrepreneurial success. In addition, the research examined whether perceived environmental difficulties moderate this relationship. A cross sectional interview based study on 87 small scale business owners in Namibia was used. Results show that complete planning and a high entrepreneurial orientation of the owners was positively and a reactive strategy was negatively related to business success. Moreover, there were moderator effects of perceived environmental difficulties on the relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and success.