Management Centers

The Goodman Center for Leadership provides diverse opportunities to learn and practice essential leadership skills throughout your educational experience. The Goodman Center guides you to more effective and productive early career readiness, through focus on preparation, practice, and ethical awareness.

The Center for Ethics and Leadership was developed to instill in a passion and understanding for best practices in business ethics and excellence in leadership. The center is dedicated to immersing our community - and the SU community at large - in a week of intense focus on ethical issues. The center's annual Ethics Week provides for discussion on the important topics of ethics and leadership in today's society. Events such as these are funded in part by the James S. Kemper Foundation, an independent, private foundation established to provide funding for higher education initiatives.

Our Department of Management is also in the planning phases for two new academic reserach centers: The Corporate Governance and Leadership Center and the Diversity and Social Responsibility Center.