Marketing Publications

Scott Fay

  • "Implications of Expected Changes in the Seller’s Threshold Price in Name-Your-Own-Price Auctions", Management Science, 20.3 277-293, November 2009, (Juliano Laran)
  • "The Economics of Buyer Uncertainty: Advance Selling vs. Probabilistic Selling", Marketing Science, 29.6, 1040-1057, November/December 2010, (Jinhong Xie)
  • "Probabilistic Goods: A Creative Way of Selling Products and Services", Marketing Science , 27.4, 674-690, July – August 2008, (Jinhong Xie)
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  • "Partial Repeat Bidding in the Name-Your-Own-Price Channel", Marketing Science, 23.3, 407-418, Summer 2004
  • "Timing of Product Allocation: Using Probabilistic Selling to Enhance Inventory Management", Management Science, forthcoming, 2014, (Jinhong Xie)
  • "The Role of Customer Expectations in Name-Your-Own-Price Markets", Journal of Business Research, forthcoming, 2014, (Seung Hwan (Shawn) Lee)
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Dinesh Gauri

  • "The Temporal and Spatial Dimensions of Price Search: Insights from Matching Household Survey and Purchase Data", Journal of Marketing Research, 45 (2), 226-240, April 2008, (with Talukdar, D., and Sudhir, K.)
  • "The Role of Word of Mouth in Online Store Loyalty: Store Ratings", Communications of the ACM, 51 (3), 89-91, March 2008, (with Bhatnagar, A., and Rao, R.)
  • "Understanding the Determinants of Retail Strategy: An Empirical Analysis", Journal of Retailing, 84(3), 256–267, September 2008, (with Minakshi, T., and Dhruv, G.)
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  • "Assessing Store Performance Models", European Journal of Operational Research, 197, 349-359, 2009, (with Gabor Pauler, J., and Trivedi, M.)
  • "Communication and Promotion Decisions in Retailing: A Review and Directions for Future Research", Journal of Retailing, 85(1), 42-55, January 2009, (with Ailawadi, K., Beauchamp, J.P., Donthu, N., Shankar, V.)
  • "Benchmarking Performance in Retail Chains: An Integrated Approach", Marketing Science, 28 (3): 502-515, May-June 2009, (with Gabor Pauler, J. and Trivedi, M.)
  • "An Empirical Analysis of the Extreme Cherry Picking Behavior of Consumers in the Frequently Purchased Goods Market", Journal of Retailing, 86(4), 337-355, 2010, (with Talukdar, D., and Greal, D.)
  • "Forecasting of Cruise Bookings", Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, 10, 306-324., 2011, (with Sun X. and Webster S.)
  • "An Empirical Investigation of the Impact of Gasoline Prices on Grocery Shopping Behavior", Journal of Marketing, 75 (March), 18-35, 2011, (with Ma, Y., Ailawadi, K., and Grewal, D.)
  • "Innovations in Retail Pricing and Promotions", Journal of Retailing, 87(1), 43-52, 2011, (with D. Grewal, K. Ailawadi, P. Kopalle, K. Hall & J. Robertson)
  • "Benchmarking Retail Productivity Considering Retail Pricing and Format Strategy", Journal of Retailing, 89(1), 1-14., 2013
  • "Loss Leaders and Cross-Category Retailer Pass-through: A Bayesian Multilevel Analysis", Journal of Retailing, 2013, (J. Pancras & D. Talukdar)
  • "Choice of Composite Product and its Feedback Effects on Partner Brands", Journal of Retailing, 2014, 90(4), 493-510, (with K. Desai and Yu Ma)
  • "Antecedents and Outcomes of Market Mavenisim: Insights based on Survey and Revealed Data", Journal of Business Research, forthcoming, (with Tracy Harmon and Debu Talukdar)
  • "Boomerang Effects of Low Price Discounts: How Low Price Discounts Affect Purchase Propensity", Journal of Consumer Research, forthcoming, (with Fengyan Cai and Rajesh Bagchi)
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E. Scott Lathrop

Eunkyu Lee

  • "Social Desirability Bias in Diary Panels Is Evident in Panelists’ Behavioral Frequency", Psychological Reports, 99, 322-334, 2006, (Rex, T., and Hu, M.)
  • "Bridge, Focus, Attack, or Stimulate: Retail Category Management Strategies with a Store Brand", Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 3:4, 2005, (Rex, D., and Staelin, R.)
  • "How Complex Do Movie Channel Contracts Need to Be?", Marketing Science, forthcoming, (with Raut, S., Sanjeev, S., and Weinberg, C.B.)
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  • "Internet Channel Entry: A Strategic Analysis of Mixed Channel Structures", Marketing Science, forthcoming, (with Yoo, W.S.)
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Tridib Mazumdar

  • "Counterfactual Decomposition of Movie Star Effects with Star Selection", Management Science, Forthcoming, 2015, (Liu, A. and Li, Bo)
  • "Bidding Strategies and Consumer Savings in NYOP AuctionsThe Chaotic Front End of Innovation", Journal of Retailing, 88 (1), 180-188, 2012, (Joo, M and Raj, S.P.)
  • "Reference Price Research: Review and Propositions", Journal of Marketing, 69 (4), 84-102, October 2005, (Raj, S.P., Sinha, I.)
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  • "Star Power in the Eye of the Beholder: A Study of the Influence of Stars in the Movie Industry", Marketing Letters, 25 (4), 385-396, December, 2014, (with Chakravarty, A., and Liu, Y. )
  • "The Differentiating Effects of Online Word of Mouth and Critics' Reviews on Pre-release Movie Evaluations", Journal of Interactive Marketing, forthcoming, (with Chakravarty, A. and Liu, Y.)
  • "Reference Price Effects", Empirical Generalizations about Marketing Impacts, ed. Dominique M. Hanssens, 2009, (with Raj, S.P.)
  • "Components of Optimal Price under Logit Demand", European Journal of Operational Research, 182 (3), 1084-1106, 2007, (Base, A. and Raj, S.P)
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Julie Niederhoff

Patrick Penfield

  • "Three Avenues to Cost Reduction", Supply Chain Management Review, November 2007
  • "The Potential Certified Wood Supply Chain Bottleneck and Its Impact on Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Construction Projects in New York State", Forest Products Journal, September 2010, (with Germain, R. )

S.P. Raj

  • "The R&D Outsourcing Decision: Environmental Factors and Strategic Considerations", International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management, 11 (02), 2013, (with J.M. Pattit & D.L. Wilemon)
  • "An institutional theory investigation of U.S. technology development trends since the mid-19th century", Research Policy, 2012, (with Pattit,J.M., Wilemon,D.)
  • "Inaugural Editorial", Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies, 2011
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  • "Market Orientation when Customers Seem Content with the Status Quo! Observations from Indian Agri-Business and a Case Study", Market Orientated? The Metamorphosis of Food and Agricultural Production and Marketing, 2010, (with Adhikari, A.)
  • "“Bidding Strategies and Consumer Savings in NYOP Auctions", Journal of Retailing, March, 2012, (with M. Joo & T. Mazumdar)
  • "Components of Optimal Price", European Journal of Operational Research, 182 (3), 1084-1106, 2007, (with Basu, A. Mazumdar, T.)
  • "Reference Price Research: Review and Propositions", Journal of Marketing, October 2005, (with Mazumdar, T., Sinha, I.)
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David Wilemon

  • "What Can We Learn from the History of Corporate R&D about Utilizing External Sources of R&D?", , 114, (with Raj, S.P.)
  • "R&D Outsourcing as the Next Frontier: Key Drivers and Firm Level Considerations", , 115, (with Raj, S.P.)

Zhengping Wu

  • "The inventory billboard effect on the lead-time decision", International Journal of Production Economics, 170, pp. 45-53, 2015, (with Xin Zhai and Zhongyi Liu)
  • "The inventory billboard effect on the lead-time decision", International Journal of Production Economics, 170, pp. 45-53, 2015, (with Xin Zhai, Zhongyi Liu)
  • "Price discount and capacity planning under demand postponement with opaque selling", Decision Support Systems, 76, pp. 24-34, 2015, (with Jianghua Wu)
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  • "The stochastic ordering of mean-preserving transformations and its applications", European Journal of Operational Research, 239, pp. 802-809, 2014, (Wanshan Zhu)
  • "Ordering, pricing, and lead-time quotation under lead-time and demand uncertainty", Production and Operations Management, 21(3), pp. 576-589, 2012, (with Burak Kazaz, Scott Webster, and Kum-Khiong Yang)
  • "The newsvendor’s optimal incentive contracts for multiple advertisers", European Journal of Operational Research, 220, pp. 171-181, 2012, (with Pascale Crama and Wanshan Zhu)
  • "The newsvendor problem with advertising revenue", Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 13(3), pp. 281-296, 2011, (with Wanshan Zhu and Pascale Crama)
  • "Contingency management under asymmetric information", Operations Research Letters, 33(6), pp. 572-580, 2005, (with Ananth Iyer and Vinayak Deshpande)
  • "A postponement model for demand management", Management Science, 49(8), pp. 983-1002, 2003, (with Ananth Iyer and Vinayak Deshpande)
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